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paul feist

writer, speaker, humorist, performer

A Bit About Me


Joyfully conceived in Britain sometime towards the end of the Ice Age, I soon immigrated to Canada for its rumoured warm sunny climate. The rumours hesitated to say for only three months of the year. Mommy and I spent the first year at a relative’s establishment ... the Brunswick Hotel in Toronto. This no doubt accounts for my present day enjoyment of a good pint. I spent the next twenty years on a farm in what is now Mississauga, where the struggle to get educated tried desperately to avoid me.


My first big part-time job as a teenager was at Loblaws. That is until they discovered I was not ‘president’s choice’. In school, biology was my forte and so I spent the next decade or two working at a biological supply company. If you ever dissected a preserved frog, fish or dear old Tabby during science lab in school, it probably originated with me.  In 1975, I began manufacturing science kits for correspondence courses. This venture took up the next several decades and funded my love of all things theatrical, including many stage, TV and film appearances.


My early Loblaws experience was cause for my bride and I to move to Muskoka in 1987. We purchased the Port Sandfield general store, where groceries became my life. In 1997, we sold and moved into Bracebridge where we still love and enjoy our country acreage. When not shovelling snow, I write, perform occasionally and watch for wildlife that somehow escaped my youthful science years.


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