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by Paul Feist

Successful writer, Dan Dawson, receives a late-night phone call reminding him of a promise made many years ago. A promise he has failed to keep. Dawson questions his life’s path and the sacrifices he has forced on others in order to find success. Was it all worth it? When did his anchor break loose? How can he get his life back on track and return home to safe harbours?


He begins to relive his youthful experiences as a novice seaman working aboard often-treacherous tankers. As a rudderless and confused young man, he is taken under wing by Corky, the bosun. A strong bond of friendship begins to flourish.


Hilarious escapades, life-threatening dangers both at sea and ashore, along with a crew hell bent on Danny’s becoming a man at all costs, keeps him ever vigilant. This high-seas adventure takes Danny from the brothels of Fort William to the steamy tropics of South America.


Throughout the adventure, his heartstrings are plucked by a seductive Royal Russian, and a vivacious stage actress. Danny’s path to true love is fraught with rocky shoals and a dangerous invitation to run aground and founder. Hard labour builds his body, but constant harassment from the antagonistic First Mate builds Danny’s character.


BROKEN ANCHOR is also available at the following businesses:

MARTINS FRAMING CENTRE  10 Taylor Road, Bracebridge

WORTH REPEATING  31 Manitoba Street, Bracebridge

JFEIST FINE ART STUDIO 1843 Muskoka Beach Rd. Bracebridge

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